Too Much Bling bebe!


I acquired this super-soft brown top at a clothing swap. Trouble was that it was terribly outdated with white satin collar and faux-cuffs and that blingy-sparkly “bebe” logo in the chestal region. Not happening in my closet!

Check out the rhinestone logo!



I fooled around with it, desperately trying to make it work into a wearable top, because I loved the fabric – it was soooo soft and such a rich brown color. Finally I decided that trying to refashion it as a top was not going to work for me, mostly because I couldn’t get around the rhinestone “bebe” logo. So snip, snip and my refashion was done!

I turned it into an infinity scarf by cutting straight across under the arms to create a tube. I popped it over my head to take a look at my new infinity scarf and ehhhh. It was smaller than I wanted and I wanted to make this a zerio-waste refashion. So I cut the tube and each sleeve apart at one seam and stitched the sleeves to the body of the top to make a longer scarf. Then I stitched the whole thing back into a tube for a lovely long infinity scarf that can be worn long or looped around for a very thick and plush shorter scarf.

looped around twice

long loop with a button brooch

to be continued ...

And I’m saving the satin collar and cuffs as well as the rhinestone buttons for an upcoming refashion. Bling can work when done right.

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