Scented Powder

You can make your own scented powder by mixing equal parts baby powder or cornstarch and expired baking soda in a gallon size resealable bag. Then spray your favorite perfume on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball into the bag. After two or three days, you can transfer your new scented powder into a more permanent powder container. 

Ideas for a powder container:

  • an old powder container
  • a washed grated Parmesan cheese container
  • any container which you’ve punched or drilled small holes in the lid


Embroidery Floss Saves

Do you have hanks of embroidery thread left over from projects completed or abandoned long ago? Well dust them off and take a look around your house to access new ways you can use them.


Gift Wrap

Use several strands of embroidery thread to wrap small gifts & then tie into a generous bow on top.

Braid embroidery floss into long strands to use as ribbons to wrap gifts.

Homemade tassels using embroidery floss can be used in place of a bow on a gift.



Sewing Projects

Take a look through your stash of embroidery thread next time you need the perfect color of thread for a hand-sewn project or mending session.

Braid one or more colors of embroidery floss together to use as ties, trim, belt loops, button loops …



Twist or braid together six strands of embroidery thread. Dip the ends in glue to stiffen them & when the glue dries you have a new set of shoelaces.



Braid embroidery floss into a long strand, then braid that strand into your hair, use it as a hairband or wrap around a ponytail.



Home Decor

Braid one or more colors of embroidery floss to use as curtain tie-backs, to trim upholstered furniture, lampshades or pillows …

Take a plain basket from ordinary to extraordinary by weaving four or more strands of embroidery thread through the baskets holes with a large eyed darning needle.

Homemade tassels using embroidery floss added to curtain tie-backs and other home decor projects.

Egg Carton Organizers

Because I love to organize (Hello, my name is Kat and I’m an organizing maniac) I love egg cartons. They’re just the perfect little thing to organize all kinds of life’s little accoutrements and they come with a lid – just too perfect. Unfortunately they’re not the prettiest things around so I like to decorate my egg carton organizers. I’m without my camera for the moment so I’ll post some decorated egg cartons I found posted by some very craft (and organized) bloggers.

painted with foam letters

a more grownup version of the painted carton

decoupaged with gift wrap

Organizing Ideas

desk drawer or desktop organizer



The above pic could just as easily be storing small craft supplies or the supplies for a project you’re working on. This makes it easy to move a craft project to different areas of the home. You can start working on your project while watching your kids in the wading pool, then move it to the family room after dinner without having to spend time gathering up all your small items. The bonus is that the top of the carton, when opened, serves as a work tray.

I’ve also used egg cartons to store and organize:

  • jewelry – I like to keep small gold earrings in one section, small silver earrings in another section, pearl earrings in another section, dressy rings in one section, everyday rings in another section, etc. This makes it so much easier to find the jewelry I want when I want it. To get even more mileage out of your carton line the top with Styrofoam and poke lapel pins or earrings through the foam.
  • hair accessories
  • small toys
  • a back seat entertainment center – store small toys and leave the closed carton in the car
  • If you have a dozen or more of something and it’s small enough to fit in an egg carton then go for it!


egg carton ribbon organizer



Christmas ornaments 

almost impossible to spill paint palette

nuts & bolts & screws & ...


10 Uses for Hair Conditioner

When I buy a hair conditioner that I don’t like on my hair, rather than toss it out, I’ve found ways to use it around the house.

  1. Take off a bandage by rubbing a little hair conditioner over the bandage and massaging to get it under the adhesive.
  2. Use conditioner on your legs instead of shaving cream.
  3. Squeaky hinges respond nicely to a coating of conditioner. Squirt some onto the hinge, holding a rag handy to catch any drips. Move the hinge back and forth until it stops squeaking and then use your rag to wipe away any excess conditioner.
  4. Give it away to a friend. She may like it much better than you.
  5. Your windows will move much smoother once you vacuum out any debri, then apply a coating of conditioner to the inside of the tracks. Move the window back and forth or up and down a few times, reapplying conditioner if needed until the window is moving smoothly.
  6. Keep your curtains moving smoothly by rubbing some conditioner along the curtain rod. This works for both your living room curtains and your shower curtain. Just be careful when using near fabric curtains to not get the conditioner on the curtain.
  7. Use in place of Armor All in your car, but only on smooth textured areas, not on fabric seats.
  8. Clean  and condition your leather or other other smooth textured shoes, purses and belts by rubbing a little conditioner into them with a clean rag. Caution: suede or fabric do not respond well to this treatment (grease marks).
  9. A little conditioner will help to get a stuck ring off. Massage the conditioner onto your ring finger and the ring will slide right off.
  10. Clean your plants with a little conditioner on a soft rag. Gently rub the leaves to remove yuckiness and restore their shine.