Plastic Bottles Hit the Runway

Of Dreams & Seams Pet Purses

I can see using Dreams and Seams instructions and adding a wrist strap to make a mini-purse.

Bracelet by Kirsten Sonne

Bracelet from recycled plastic by Kirsten Sonne

Recycle White Necklace with Plexiglas chunks by Harriete Estel Berman

necklace made entirely from recycled plastic

You seriously will want to take a look at all of the fabulous jewelry from artist Harriet Estel Berman entirely made from recycled and found objects.

The world is your oyster, so we encourage you to protect that precious gift with a dedication to reusing and repurposing every chance you get! Our bodies are made up of about 75% water, but life is 100% inspiration…combine the two and you’ve got the perfect reason to take one of the most commonly used everyday objects and turn it into an elegant, wearable creation- a sea-tastic pair of translucent statement earrings. To create, reinvent a plastic water bottle, cutting out 2 circles approx 2-3” inches in diameter.  Heat up the edges with a lighter, and watch how they instantly curl and ripple.  Pierce two holes with a needle.  P.S.- You may need to heat the tip of the needle before you pierce the plastic. Thread jewelry wire through a pearl and twist both sides together. We wrapped wire around the toothpick of our Swiss Army Knife to make a tiny loop for the earring wire to slip through the top.

from PS I Made This


Computer Cable Necklace -- Rainbow Layered Wires

necklace made from computer cabling

bracelets made from soda tabs

bracelets made from plastic bags

Kind of makes you think twice before tossing something in the recycling bin doesn’t it?

Greens in a Bag

Another valuable contribution to Irish Attic from Debbie at

I live alone and I don’t like shopping, so I buy several bags of the spinach and lettuce in one shopping trip. I found they spoil so fast.  And spinach not in a bag spoils even faster. What I found that works amazing is to open the bag as soon as I get home and put in a couple of paper towels, then seal with a rubber band, twist-tie or bag clip
. If I seal it well between uses and change out the paper towels for new ones when they get moist it lasts much longer.

If  you buy spinach and lettuce loose or in a bunch, wash the leaves and make sure they’re dry. Store them in a repurposed bread bag with paper towels just like above.

IA: Thanks Debbie for your dedicated reading of IA and your flow of tips and tricks to improve this blog!