10 Uses for Hair Conditioner

When I buy a hair conditioner that I don’t like on my hair, rather than toss it out, I’ve found ways to use it around the house.

  1. Take off a bandage by rubbing a little hair conditioner over the bandage and massaging to get it under the adhesive.
  2. Use conditioner on your legs instead of shaving cream.
  3. Squeaky hinges respond nicely to a coating of conditioner. Squirt some onto the hinge, holding a rag handy to catch any drips. Move the hinge back and forth until it stops squeaking and then use your rag to wipe away any excess conditioner.
  4. Give it away to a friend. She may like it much better than you.
  5. Your windows will move much smoother once you vacuum out any debri, then apply a coating of conditioner to the inside of the tracks. Move the window back and forth or up and down a few times, reapplying conditioner if needed until the window is moving smoothly.
  6. Keep your curtains moving smoothly by rubbing some conditioner along the curtain rod. This works for both your living room curtains and your shower curtain. Just be careful when using near fabric curtains to not get the conditioner on the curtain.
  7. Use in place of Armor All in your car, but only on smooth textured areas, not on fabric seats.
  8. Clean  and condition your leather or other other smooth textured shoes, purses and belts by rubbing a little conditioner into them with a clean rag. Caution: suede or fabric do not respond well to this treatment (grease marks).
  9. A little conditioner will help to get a stuck ring off. Massage the conditioner onto your ring finger and the ring will slide right off.
  10. Clean your plants with a little conditioner on a soft rag. Gently rub the leaves to remove yuckiness and restore their shine.