Uses For Overripe Fruit

I used to get frustrated when I threw away a piece of fruit because it got overripe. Now I just take the fruit when it’s heading to the edge and make something else with it.

Overripe bananas can be peeled, wrapped in foil and frozen. Eat them right from the foil as a banana popsicle or use them to whip up a batch of banana bread or a smoothie.

Frozen grapes can go straight from the freezer into your mouth. Wash, let dry on a paper towel, and then freeze. Everyone loves this summer treat.

Peaches, plums and berries go straight into Jell-O for a tasty dessert treat or snack.

Any fruit can be frozen for smoothies, ice cream, granitas or sorbet or you could get really ambitious and make jams and jellies.

Food Centerpieces

When you find yourself with an abundance from your garden or food that is on the brink of going bad, don’t despair and DON’T get out the crockpot. Instead, use this bounty to create beautiful centerpieces for your table, buffet and mantel.

Stuffed Cabbage

Cut a hole in the top of each cabbage large enough to fit a piece of floral foam. Place foam inside hole and add water until the foam is saturated. Cut flower stems and/or branches at a sharp angle and push into the foam.

Oranges For Flowers

Trim the rind at the bottom of each orange to create a flat spot so it won’t roll.

Cut a drinking straw into two equal pieces. Use a pencil or pen to poke a hold in the top of each orange long enough to insert about 4 inches of the straw. Insert a straw in each hole. Place the stem of one flower in each straw.

Fishbowl Vase

Fill a fishbowl halfway with one or more types of small fruit such as kumquats or key limes or wedges of citrus such as lemons or limes. Add enough water to almost cover the fruit. Gently push flower stems and/or branches into the fruit.

Fruit Juice Cubes

I like to make fruit flavored ice-cubes by freezing juice from canned fruit or the juice at the bottom of the bowl after serving a fruit salad. I just pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. I store the frozen cubes in a freezer bag until ready to use.

The fruity cubes are great in smoothies, to make flavored water, in a glass of wine …