Easter Candy Surplus

There aren’t many candy-oriented holidays after Easter but leftover candy can still be incorporated into desserts throughout the rest of the year.

Marshmallow-based candies go stale the quickest so if you have a choice, use these candies first. Drop one or more into a cup of hot chocolate and/or coffee or do a mocha java with a marshmallow bunny!

Chocolates can be frozen whole, chopped or sliced to be used up to six months later. After that they tend to get a soapy taste.

Chop or break chocolate into small pieces and use instead of chips to make chocolate chip cookies.

Melt chocolate down to make chocolate coated fruit, chocolate-covered popcorn or pretzels. One of my favorite things is to stir cereal into melted chocolate. Let set to a semi-soft consistency and cut into squares, allowing to completely harden before eating.