Home Redecorating – Un-Decorating Your Home

I’m approaching home redecorating from a different angle this time around. Instead of buying new stuff and giving away or selling my old stuff, I’m redecorating by un-decorating. I had always thought that by not throwing my old stuff in the landfill that I was being eco-responsible, until I realized that I could go one step further by making more of an effort to not buy new stuff at all.

I started my home redecorating project by removing everything from each room I was redecorating and then only putting back things that I truly wanted in that room. Besides how it contributed visually to the room I considered the fact that anything I put in the room would have to be cleaned or dusted.

Then I lived with each room for a few days to a few weeks, taking away even more things as I found they didn’t add to the room’s visual appeal or usefullness or putting a piece or two back into the room if needed.

Some of the things that I removed from one room I ended up using in other rooms. Other items I sold or gave away.

The next step in my redecorating project was to re-purpose items:

  • quilts became wall hangings
  • tablecloths and scarves became window valances
  • branches from outdoors were arranged in vases
  • I traded bed and sofa pillows
  • an outdoor plant pot became an indoor umbrella stand
  • dining room chairs became a new patio set after the cushions received a triple-coating of Scotchguard and the chairs were treated with marine-grade polyurethane
  • patio chairs received new cushions and became my new dining room chairs
  • a floor runner became a table runner

By the time I was finished my home redecorating project I’d spent less time than I normally would have (since shopping for new things takes a tremendous amount of time), saved loads of money and didn’t add a thing to the landfill!