Water Bottle Caps as Laptop Protectors

Another fabulous idea from Debbie Yates of ArtlinkGallery.com

I have two laptops, that run pretty much 24/7. What I do because laptops get real hot (is to use) plastic lids from anything as little legs, to raise the laptops up. With a desk top $5.0 0 fan that runs beside it, it works perfectly. I’ve tried all kinds of other ways to keep the computer cool, but this was the most affordable, and the only one that actually worked. Continue reading

Furniture Scratch Fix

This tip is helpful to save your own furniture or to fix up a second-hand find. Just rub a wax-based polish that closely matches the color of your furniture over the scratch and lightly buff with a soft, lint-free cloth. Small scratches will disappear and deep scratches will become much less noticeable.

Pringles Can Lids

Thank you to Debbie Yates of “Echo’s Voice” (a sensational blog showcasing green artists) for her enthusiasm for what we’re doing here at Irish Attic and for her ideas listed here.

Debbie uses Pringles can lids as coasters for really sweaty drinks cuz the lip keeps the liquid from rolling off the coaster onto the surface you’re trying to protect. I’m thinking that if you cut a little circle of felt to fit inside the lid then it could absorb the liquid and yet be light enough to dry out quickly and so not become musty. It would be a good idea to toss a few of these into a drawer for the next time you have more guests than you have pretty coasters. Whip these babies out and your furniture stays safe from water rings. Bonus: since they’re clear they’ll blend into your decor.

You could also give the kiddies a few of these lids to decorate before you stash them. Fun rainy day project for them and pretty coasters for you.

Debbie also used Pringles can lids to “put on top of glass. Example, I’m drinking grape juice, poured a whole glass, but can’t finish. Instead of throwing the juice out, the Pringles lid fits nice and tight on most glasses, and then back into the refrigerator. Most regular tall glasses, they fit nice and perfect just like they are made for them. I love your site, and daily updates.”

so many Pringles to choose from, so little time to eat them all!


Freshen Up Your Patio

I recently was making some changes to my family room and had no place in the house to put a chair that I loved. I put it on the back patio until I could figure out what to do with it. That night it was wonderful to lounge in my comfortable chair. The next morning I could see the chair from my kitchen window and noticed how nicely it blended with my patio furniture. Why was I getting rid of this chair? Now with a triple coating of Scotchguard I have a new favorite piece of patio furniture.

I started looking around my house as well as the garage and used my finds to redo my patio. A large urn was topped with a round tray and became a side table. An area rug that was a bit too worn to use in the living room is perfect in the dining area of my patio. Silk flowers were arranged in a plant pot and placed in a shady area that didn’t get enough sun for real flowers.

I love that I was able to freshen up my patio without spending a dime and that items that might have ended up in the landfill have been born-again.

From Tweeter @faithfultwo
I have a quilt covered lazy boy rocker to sit in and an old wood cook stove to store yard tools. I also have an old lamp to read by, in place of the bright porch lights. Very cozy 😉