Water Bottle Caps as Laptop Protectors

Another fabulous idea from Debbie Yates of ArtlinkGallery.com

I have two laptops, that run pretty much 24/7. What I do because laptops get real hot (is to use) plastic lids from anything as little legs, to raise the laptops up. With a desk top $5.0 0 fan that runs beside it, it works perfectly. I’ve tried all kinds of other ways to keep the computer cool, but this was the most affordable, and the only one that actually worked.

Things I tried before using plastic bottle caps:

I bought a $25 stand that raises (the laptop) up. It was bulky and (because it’s) metal it conducts heat (so didn’t do the job).

I then bought a $49.99 pad that the laptop sits on and which has a fan on the bottom. Didn’t work. So that was a bust.

One day I was looking at these plastic caps from water bottles that I had  kept to use as furniture movers. Yes, I believe there is a two-for-one in there too – use plastic caps underneath legs of furniture so they will glide across carpet, and protect wooden floors. They aren’t even noticeable either.

From Irish Attic:

Absolutely awesome ideas. I never thought to use plastic water bottle caps for gliders but they would fit right over many furniture legs. I’ve used wide flat lids like yogurt lids but sometimes the furniture legs jump away from their surface and sometimes they’re visible peaking out from under the furniture, so your idea is MUCH better. I sense another IA posting in the making!


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One thought on “Water Bottle Caps as Laptop Protectors

  1. I have the same situation and tried your bottle cap idea for cooling the processors.

    I worked really well.

    Thanks for the tip.

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