Freshen Up Your Patio

I recently was making some changes to my family room and had no place in the house to put a chair that I loved. I put it on the back patio until I could figure out what to do with it. That night it was wonderful to lounge in my comfortable chair. The next morning I could see the chair from my kitchen window and noticed how nicely it blended with my patio furniture. Why was I getting rid of this chair? Now with a triple coating of Scotchguard I have a new favorite piece of patio furniture.

I started looking around my house as well as the garage and used my finds to redo my patio. A large urn was topped with a round tray and became a side table. An area rug that was a bit too worn to use in the living room is perfect in the dining area of my patio. Silk flowers were arranged in a plant pot and placed in a shady area that didn’t get enough sun for real flowers.

I love that I was able to freshen up my patio without spending a dime and that items that might have ended up in the landfill have been born-again.

From Tweeter @faithfultwo
I have a quilt covered lazy boy rocker to sit in and an old wood cook stove to store yard tools. I also have an old lamp to read by, in place of the bright porch lights. Very cozy 😉


Antiquing with “Throwaway” Items

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