Boxy T-shirt Made Over into Cute Workout Tanktop

I have a bunch of these t-shirts from the Spirit Run race and I get new ones every year. They’re the typical event t-shirt, boxy crew necks that are unflattering on one and all.

I don’t even like wearing them to sleep in. I don’t feel pretty in these t-shirts and I want to feel nice even when I’m just lounging around the house and so I began to look at these t-shirts to see how I could refashion them into something that I would enjoy wearing.

This first one I decided to make over into a workout tank top. Well, I would wear it to work out in where I live in Southern California, but when with my family in Michigan it’s fine to wear with jeans around the property. It was a very simple makeover. First thing I did was to fold the shirt in half vertically so that the shoulder sleeves touched on the left side and half the Spirit Run logo showed on the right side.

With a piece of chalk and a ruler I drew a line from just below the armhole to the edge of the ribbing at the neck, leaving the neckline intact. I whipped out my trusty rotary trimmer and cut away the sleeves along my chalk line and then up around the neck line a bit.

Sleeves begone!

sleeve closeup

Alas, I cut too deeply and was showing WAY more skin than I wanted to. What to do? What to do? I started playing around with some bright blue ribbing that was leftover from another refashion and was ecstatic to find that it would work perfectly to fix my scissors-happy mistake. I think the end result is even better than if I hadn’t had to use the ribbing to fix things.

I safety pinned the ribbing to the too large armholes stretching the t-shirt to fit the ribbing which caused it to be gathered and therefore smaller and less inappropriate.

Safety pins are much less prickly than straight pins when trying garments on.

I basted the ribbing to the t-shirt then stitched it on with a wide zig-zag machine stitch. Removed the basting stitches and VIOLA! – new tank top!

If I get a few more workouts in maybe I'll pose for you all in my new tank!

Close up of the neckline and armhole trim.