Ski Sweater Part 1

Today I decided to refashion a ski sweater that I’ve loved for many years.

give me a moment before I cut this to pieces

For the last year it’s danced between my refashion pile and my closet. Every time that I place it in my refashion pile I regret it and put it back in the closet. The thing is, I never actually wear it anymore. Today is the day that I admit that I’m never going to wear this sweater again. I still love the print (or mix of prints) but it’s tragically outdated and I know that once I get past the first cut I’ll be glad I did this.

Step 1: no more sleeves

This refashion is an easy and probably pretty obvious one – leg warmers.

A couple of zig-zags later and I’m sporting a new pair of leg warmers.

gotta luv a good leg warmer

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this ski sweater refashion. It’s a surprise twist for sure.