Gray Slasher Scarf

I love scarves. They can turn a drab outfit into something fabulous. They can keep you warm on a chilly evening. They can be used as a tourniquet after an unfortunate kitchen accident … That said, I do have a scarf collection that needs a little help. For instance, this gray scarf is – well, gray and so it isn’t going to turn a drab outfit into something fabulous. It needed some help. I could have dyed it but I didn’t have any dye around that I wanted to use for this scarf. What I did have was a pair of scissors. Hint – don’t give a girl with a hankering to change something a pair of scissors. Strange things can happen.

plain gray scarf

I tried out my idea on a piece of paper and when I had it down I moved to my scarf. I started by accordian folding the scarf into a flat bundle.

two steps later

After folding the scarf I used binder clips to hold each end so that it wouldn’t slip around while I was doing the cutting. I used a ruler and marked it every two inches on the top side, then offset the marks on the bottom side. Then I cut about an inch in at each mark. After finishing the project I realized that I could have cut almost to or right to the half way point on the scarf and I would have ended up with a “lacier” scarf.

After unfolding the scarf and realizing that I wanted it to look lacier, rather than trying to get the original slashes to line up perfectly so that I could cut them deeper into the scarf, I folded it as close as I could to how it was originally folded, then folded the left binder clip over so that it rested on the right binder clip then folded again in the same direction so that I had a square bundle of fabric. I then made one slash in the middle of the bundle so that when I unfolded it I had a new set of slashes that ran perpendicular to the original slashes. If that’s confusing, you can just skip that step. I just wanted my scarf to look a little more lacey and less like a slasher scarf.

After unfolding the scarf I found a couple of spots where my cuts were off and quickly darned them up.



Don’t worry – my mending job won’t show once the scarf is on. The last step is to insert my fingers into the holes and gently pull so that the edges of each slash curl in.

And here I am showing a variety of ways to wear my new slasher scarf:


over the shoulder

looped and knotted

backwards shawl

looped twice & knotted to the side

That’s it – the fashion show is over. Besides I’m sure you all can think of lots more ways to wear this scarf.