Paisley Poncho

I’ve been into taking scarves that I love but never wear and making them into clothing that I will wear. This scarf was a large square which I folded in half so that it was a triangle. I cut a long oval at the folded edge of the triangle that was big enough to slip over my head. I was a little too ambitious with my cut though and it was way too big. I tried gathering the neckline to the right size and while that worked well it didn’t look very good. Solution: I left it gathered and used the sleeve from a workout jacket which I no longer wear to make a collar for my poncho

a little off-the-shoulder action


twisted rose at the shoulder

Victorian Scarf Refashioned From Doilies

I found this scarf on Sarah’s Never Ending Projects.

Sarah modeling her beautiful knit scarf.

Isn’t it beautiful? And she knit it herself! As I was admiring it I thought that I could recreate it by simply stitching together some crocheted doilies picked up at a yard sale. Viola – instant scarf! Leave as is or sew a gathering stitch down the middle of the scarf. I’ll post a pic once I find enough doilies, but if any of you take this idea and run with it please post a link to your project in the Comments below.