Phonebook Window Cleaner

Here’s another great idea from Debbie Yates of Echo’s Voice. I love this idea because its a two-fer. This practice uses a recyclable item and saves you from using a chemical cleaner that would normally be used.

Instead of tossing out your outdated phone books use the pages to clean glass and mirrors. It used to be you could use newspapers, but they changed the ink and that is no longer the way to go. Now if you want a spotless window use sheets from the telephone book. There is something about the ink in the paper that makes it so you don’t even need to use Windex to end up with sparkling windows and mirrors.

Phone Book Exercise Step

Use an out of date phone book or two to make a step for step aerobics. Wrap one or more books with duct tape to make a firm step.

You can make your new step a little prettier by using colored duct tape and wrapping it in color-blocked stripes.

If your step slides out from under you it’s an easy fix. Glue or tape strips cut from an old mouse pad to the bottom of the book after wrapping it with duct tape.