McD’s Artists’ Palette

Thank you to Debbie Yates from Echo’s Voice for this tip.

“This is an awesome idea for both water color and acrylic painting. I use styrofoam to-go food containers as palettes for acyclic paints.” IA: I think that those styrofoam trays that some produce and meat come packaged with would work well also.

“Here is something that most acrylic painters don’t know. Acrylic dries really quickly, and when finished painting for the day, if I still have paint on the palette it will dry out by the next time I’m ready to paint. So if you’re usingĀ  styrofoam containersĀ  or wax paper as a palette, simply put the lid back on and stick it in the freezer. Normally I don’t put a lid on it, but for the sake of your website it would be best to say that. The acyclic freezes and then it can be used anytime. Just take it out of freezer and in a matter of a minute you’re good to go.”