Flip Flops

Now that summer is over you probably have a pair or two of trashed flip flops. Perfect! You can turn them into brand new footwear to get you through the winter.  P.S. If you’re dying to do this refashion and don’t have a pair of old flip-flops Walmart has them for a dollar a pair, although now that it’s colder in many parts of the country they may not stock them anymore.

inspired by A Pair and a Spare

Platform Shoes

I saw this project over at A Pair and a Spare and just had to share it with you all. Thank you to Foam Magazine for initiating this project using pieces of foam such as the type you can buy at Michael’s Crafts Stores of Joanne Fabrics. A pair of old flip flops can be the perfect start to a new pair of platform shoes. If you’re dying to refashion a pair of shoes into a pair of platforms, picking up a piece of craft foam is a good option but I’m patient, persistent and a die-hard refashioner so if I don’t have a pair of old flip flops I’ll look for a pair while garage-saleing or thrifting to make my platform shoes. The flip-flops don’t even have to be your size. They can be your size or  bigger, just not smaller. Cut or pull off everything on the flip-flops leaving the sole bare. Place the shoes you’re restyling on top of the flip-flop sole and trace around the shoe so you’ll know where to cut later. Use a craft knife or Exacto knife to cut along the line you’ve traced. Repeat with the other shoe. Depending on how thick the sole of your flip-flop is, you can stop here or repeat with another pair or two of flip-flops until you have the desired height of your platform shoes. Glue the flip-flops to the bottom of your shoes. Let the glue dry for the appropriate amount of time.


inspiration from A Pair and a SpareYou’ll notice that the edges of your flip-flops look a bit raggedy. You can cover the edge of your platforms in a variety of ways:

  • glitter
  • sequins
  • decoupage fabric, lace, magazine pics, gift wrap … around the edge – protect with several coats of clear varnish or shellac
  • glue string or ribbon around and around the edge until it’s completely covered
  • sand the edges until smooth
  • and leave as is or paint


Urban Threads fantastic sweater boots

Sweater Boots

There are tons of tutorials all over the Internet showing you how to create a pair of boots using the sleeves of an old sweater. I like to use a pair of stripped down flip-flops for the soles of these boots rather than a pair of ballet flats because the thick foam helps to keep my feet warm, whereas the ballet flats make me feel as if I’m walking on top of a block of ice (when it’s cold out). Check out these tutes:

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