Fixing an Uncomfortable Sandal

I have two pairs of sandals (one in black and one in brown) that I picked up inexpensively and of course I was so happy to add them to my “collection” that I didn’t walk around in them much before deciding to buy them. The first time that I wore them I found that the beautiful beading rubbed against the top of my foot and made them into “10 minute shoes”. Not what I had in mind when I purchased these.

It took me quite awhile to figure out how to fix them but once I had the idea it was pretty easy to implement. I started by placing a piece of paper onto the top of the beading and pressing the paper around the beading to give me a pattern for the moleskin lining.

creating the pattern

I then used the paper pattern to cut a piece of moleskin the same shape as the beading.

Dr. Scholl to the rescue!

I used adhesive backed moleskin and just pressed it to the back of the beading. I carefully trimmed any bits that were visible while wearing the sandal and my sandals are now so comfortable they’re “all day long shoes”. No need for an after picture unless you want to see a picture of me walking in them, which you wouldn’t have been able to see prior to this refashion because I could barely walk in them.