Sea Urchin Balls

These balls are great for indoor games and outdoor water fights.

Using scissors cut used carpet padding into a 1 square foot piece, then cut the square into twenty-four ½-inch wide strips. Cut each strip in half to make forty-eight 6-inch strips.

Stack the strips centered over a twist tie laying flat on a hard, stable surface. Tightly twist the tie around the center of the stack. Pull, twist and turn the strips until you have a ball.

Ways to Re-use Carpet Padding

Shoe Inserts: Cut a piece of carpet padding into the shape of your slippers, shoes or boots to use in place of purchased inserts.

Door Silencers: Cut padding into small squares (about ¼-inch square) and glue to the inside of your cupboard doors to keep them from slamming.

Weather-stripping: cut padding into thin strips and glue along the inside edges of doors and windows to keep out drafts and keep them from slamming.