Book Shelves Gone Wild

My friend G and I were wandering around The Lab (it’s an industrial chic outdoor mall) after lunch at The Gypsy Den and ended up in this little clothing store “Gloss” that had the most creative displays. Take a look at their books made into shelves that double as jewelry organizers.

Here’s how to construct a floating book shelf:

Invisible Bookshelf

from WebUrbanist


Dollhouse Bookcase

This is a dollhouse made from an Ikea bookcase. It’s a fantastic way to salvage a bookshelf that you may not have a use for anymore or which is marred in some way that makes it unsightly as a bookcase. I found this pic while traipsing through Grosgrain Fabulous. It’s worthwhile to click on over there and read her comments and thoughts regarding this dollhouse.

20 Unusually Brilliant Book Shelves

WebUrbanist has put together some wild book shelves which lend themselves to the DIYer with access to a glue gun and a hammer.

Bookshelves Made of Books

And check out these book cases made from books. I’ll call them Cannibal Cases.

Bookcases Made of Books


Check out this hanging book case made of – wait for it – HANGERS! You’ll need to incorporate some plier action into your skill set, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. I think this is my favorite simply because it’s so hard to find ways to reuse dry cleaner hangers.

Creative Hanging Bookshelves


Funky Bookcase

I think this one is made from pallets.


If you have a lot of cardboard boxes around, decoupage them (for beauty and strength). Stack them how you like them and secure with 2 straps. This contraption won’t survive an earthquake or a pair of toddlers, but it could work nicely as a room divider.

Elegant Bookcase

And this is just for fun. It doesn’t necessarily use recycled materials but it’s too much fun to not pass on to you all. Oh the possibilities!

created at: 10/20/2010



Decorating With Popsicle Sticks

Bookshelf Labels

Use clean popsicle sticks to help organize your bookshelves. Write the name of each section on a separate popsicle stick and attach to your bookshelves with removable tape.

Party Buffet Table

Use popsicle sticks to help guests navigate your buffet table. Write the names of cheeses, desserts and other items on clean popsicle sticks and stick into a block of cheese, one of the desserts, or a mound of clay or Play Dough covered with moss or small pebbles.