Baby sleeping bag gets new life.


I love this project for a couple of reasons. Firstly it started off with a baby sleeping bag that has been worn by all four of my babies, so it has sentimental value. Secondly, I was able to make multiple projects from this tiny sleeping bag and use every available scrap of fabric. This is part of a 365 days of creativity challenge I am documenting at You can make this project using an old polar fleece sweater or jacket of your own or a childs size too.

Here is a photo of the sleeping bag – the size only fits up to about 4 months.

The sleeping bag


I wanted to make a modern version of a bootie and I love this pointed shape. I have used the two sleeves of the sleeping bag to cut out the shoes in the shape below, and then simply sew along the left and right sides.


Boots ready to be sewn

I was going to use the reclaimed ribbing in the photo for the top edge but decided to cut the top off an old pair of toddler socks instead. I will use the rest of the sock to make a sock owl in a future project.


Socks - these are a 12 month old size

Next I cut off a half moon shape from the bottom of the bag to make a matching baby hat. I used a few scraps to put some tassels on top and incorporated the back seam of the sleeping bag into the design so I wouldn’t waste any fabric. The ribbing on the bottom of the hat is a cut up baby ribbed singlet.

Here are the hat and booties.

Hat and booties

And again modelled by my 4 1/2 month old.


Dylan in hat and boots


I still had a good portion of the body of the bag left so I made a little zipper vest for a toddler. I simply cut off the bottom scraps of the bag, cut the armholes a bit larger to allow for a larger sized child, and hemmed both the armholes and the bottom.


Here it is below.


Aidan models the vest


The vest




You can read more about what I am doing this year at