Aluminum Foil – Beyond the Ball

Instead of using aluminum foil once then tossing it; wash it and use it again. You can even wash it in the top rack of a dishwasher. Read on for easy ways to decorate your home with aluminum foil and you won’t BELIEVE how classy it will look!


If it becomes too soiled to reuse, cut out and discard the soiled portions then using a paper trimmer, scissors or paper punches cut through several layers at a time to make confetti. Bonus: your paper trimmer blade, scissors and paper punches will be sharpened after you do this.

Christmas Decorations

My first year on my own the most I could afford to ring in the Christmas season were four strings of miniature lights. A roll of aluminum foil became my ally that year. I saved the aluminum foil bows in a box to use for years afterward, even as I added more conventional decorations, they helped to fill out the tree.

Shape the foil into bows and position each bow behind a light on your Christmas tree for a romantic glow.

Kitchen Scrubber

Use a ball of aluminum foil and a bit of dish soap to scrub baked-on food from a glass pan, oven rack or grill.

Painting Helper

Protect knobs and other hardware during painting by wrapping them with aluminum foil before starting to paint.


When your decorative paper punches, paper trimmer or scrap booking scissors no longer cut well don’t throw them away.

Fold a piece of used and clean aluminum foil four layers thick. Then punch or cut into it until the punch/scissors are sharp again. Punch or cut about 10 times into the foil, then punch/cut into a piece of scrap paper to check the sharpness. If it’s still not sharp go another ten rounds with the aluminum foil. If the punch gets stuck in the paper use a pencil eraser to push the back side of the punch through until it releases.

You may have to do 25 to 50 punches/cuts through the foil before it’s sharp again, but eventually you’ll have a like-new hole punch or pair of scissors again.

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