Boot Stands – For Free

I have a lot of boots. A lot. I don’t like when they flop over in my closet because they take up extra space and it puts stress on the shaft of the boot. Have you priced boot stands lately? They go for anywhere from $15 to $250! Even at the bargain price of $15 x 30 (and growing) that’s $450 just to keep my boots standing straight. I could buy – well a LOT of boots for $450. So I started looking around my house for something I could use to keep my boots from flopping over and ended up rolling a magazine and using a couple rubber bands to hold the roll in place.


Simple and free. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Chalkboard Erasers

If you find yourself with extra chalkboard erasers, or worn out ones, don’t toss them, reuse them …

Weather Stripping

Remove cloth strips, wash well and glue to the ends of sliding doors and the bottoms of doors and window in place of purchased weather-stripping

Cupboard Protectors

Remove cloth strips, wash well and glue to the inside of cupboard doors to keep them from slamming.

Easy Cleanup

Keep an old eraser in the basement or garage for brushing off a workbench.

Office Cleanup

Use on dry-erase message boards.

Shoe Cleanup

Keep in your shoe polish kit and use to clean dirt off of footwear before waterproofing or polishing shoes.


Keep in your car’s glove box to easily erase foggy windshields.