Red Aero Too Small T-Shirt

This refashion isn’t brain surgery. I had a t-shirt I wanted to wear that was too small. I ripped it apart at the side seams from the hem, up the sides and right through to the underside of the sleeves. I stitched in a piece of lace on either side of the t-shirt and I had the perfect shirt for a ball game.

Frankenmuth River Run Tie-Dye Tunic

I picked up this tie-dye tunic in Frankenmuth, Michigan a few years ago and even though it’s faded and dated I still love it, so I decided to rescue it from my pajama drawer and refashion it into something I’d actually wear outside the house.

I cut off the top of the tunic just above the under-the-bust section. I moved this band to above the bust line to make it a strapless tunic. I don’t really like strapless tops though, they’re too fussy, so I used the scraps left over from the top of the tunic to make straps and a little flower.

Red Flowered Blouse Transformed Into a Tie-Front Blouse

So of course I got excited and forgot to take apic of the blouse before I starting working with it. Waaa-wah!

Basically this was a hip-length sleeveless blouse that looked a bit dowdy. Not pass it along to grandma dowdy, but dowdy enough that I wasn’t going to be wearing it. This one was a really simple fix. I cut the back of the blouse all the way across to the side seams and then angled the cut down to the existing hemline at the front to create a tie-front blouse. After trying it on though I discovered that the ties weren’t long enough. No prob. I used the section I cut from the back to cut pieces to extend the ties. I also removed the interfacing at the front from the bottom button to the hemline so that the ties would be as “flowy” as possible.After stitching the pieces cut from the back to the existing front ties this one is ready to wear.



Pop CanTabs – DIY Double Clothes Hangers

Do you save those little tabs from your soda cans? Would you believe that my pop tab collection is getting bigger than my wine cork collection?. I’m always looking for ways to reuse pop can tabs and recently I figured out that you can use them to create double clothes hangers. This idea is making my morning loads easier. I can put together outfits when I’m in the mood, when I pull them out of the laundry, or just the night before when I know I’m going to have a tight morning. It also saves on closet space 🙂

All you do is slip one of the pop tab rings over the top of the clothes hanger and then use the other tab to hold another hanger with the other part of your outfit.