Quick and Easy Curtain Makeovers

Are you moving to a new home or changing your decor? Curtains are a big part of a room’s statement, but you don’t need to toss your existing curtains, you can upcycle them with these creative adaptations from Fort Worth, Texas, designer Deborah Reed. She offers some innovative ways to make existing window treatments work in a variety of new settings.

If you decide that you’re going in such a different design direction that the fabric from your old curtains won’t work in any room in your house, don’t despair. There are still some options for upcycling your curtains. Check out Wardrobe Refashions Skirt Made from A Vintage Curtain or this apron and tote bag made from kids curtains (but you could make them from any sturdy curtain fabric).

These are just a few ideas. Once you start looking at your curtains with the refashioning gleam in your eye I’m sure you’ll see all kinds of possibilities.

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