Trellis Garden Netting For Amateur Gardeners

While this article advocates buying a product instead of re-using a recyclable item we at Irish Attic feel that its well worth it for our readers to explore gardening in small spaces, on walls and fences and even rooftops as a way to live a little greener and enjoy a delicious bounty as well!

Of all the different ways that netting can be used in the garden, a surprisingly small number of people are familiar with garden trellis netting or its uses. For those that are familiar and experienced in its application in the home garden, not actively using the netting for their gardening is simply unimaginable. The versatility and space efficiency are simply too valuable to dismiss.

The primary purpose of trellis garden netting is to implement some form or vertical gardening techniques into your design. Some plants, such as green beans, are naturally inclined to use trellis netting for their growth. They need a way to spread out, grow, and climb. The netting provides that structure for them to grab hold of, and helps facilitate their healthy progress.

What many people fail to recognize is that your typical vine plants are not the only types of vegetables that thrive in a vertical environment. Not only can you grow beans up your trellis, but cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, peas, melons, and a number of other indeterminate plants will also thrive. A basic rule of thumb is that if the plants can spread out on the ground to grow, it can spread out vertically as well.

The first question that people ask is whether or not the plant and/or trellis can really hold the weight of the fruit that is produced. Particularly for plants such as melons, pumpkins, and squash, the fruit can be quite heavy. The only real deterrent to this is whether or not your support structure can handle the weight. As long as the supports for the netting are strongly secured, the netting will hold and the plant will be more than strong enough to handle its own weight. If you grow paranoid, you can simply support the plant with additional homemade systems.

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