The World is Your Garage Sale

This article isn’t about how to re-use something you already own, but how to re-use something that someone else once owned, which is the greenest way that you can shop. Absolutely no manufacturing or repackaging is needed to get these items ready for re-introduction into the marketplace. We’re talking about garage sales, estate sales, auctions and consignment stores.

Garage Sales

Keep an eye out as you head out to do your errands on a Saturday or Sunday and you’ll most likely see several Garage Sale signs.

Look through your local classifieds.

Go to your local and look in the “Garage Sale” section under “For Sale”.  You can skim the listings or search for particular items.

Check out your state government’s version of a garage sale – state surplus. You’ll find anything from air compressors to ping pong tables. Items are kept in a storage facility which you can visit during their open hours and purchase just like in a store or in an auction, depending on each site’s setup. Click Here to locate your state’s surplus property sales.

Consignment Stores

Look under “Consignment”, “Second Hand” or “Pawn Shop”.

Your local phone book

Yellow Pages On-Line

Super Pages On-Line

Garage Sale Finder – enter your zipcode to find garage sales in your area. Print out maps to the sales you find.

Estate Sales

Look in your local classifieds.


your state’s surplus auctions

Local phone directory under “Auctions”.

Yellow Pages On-Line

Super Pages On-Line

fix up what you find in your second-hand travels


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