Save $$$’s By Reorganizing Your Closet

This whole idea started when I had a favorite piece of workout wear that was too big to wear to the gym but was still comfy.I couldn’t bear to throw it out so I put it in my pajama drawer and enjoyed it for a few more years and I haven’t bought a new pair of pajamas since. When baby-doll dresses went out of style I moved them to my pajama drawer. When a certain style of elastic waist shorts went out of style they ended up in my pajama drawer.

The unexpected bonus to sleeping in clothing is that if the UPS man needs a signature and I’m still in my “pajamas” he doesn’t even know it. I can run out to the mailbox and not worry that my neighbors will see me in my pj’s.

I started taking this whole concept of repurposing my clothing more seriously and moved some items that had stains or were getting tattered from my pajama drawer to my “Dirty Work” drawer. These are clothes that I wear to paint or do otherwise “dirty work”.

When reviewing your wardrobe, you may discover a surplus of t-shirts. Coordinating pajama bottoms gleaned from a clearance rack may be all that you need to end up with several attractive and comfortable sets of pajamas. You may discover a piece of clothing that needs only a button or other minor fix to be returned to service. I discovered a blazer who’s matching pants were long since gone. I removed the shoulder pads and tacked down the shoulder pleats and now the blazer has the more tailored look that is fashionable today.

When you’ve finished going through your wardrobe you may find you have some still serviceable clothing ready to be passed along to others (yard sale, CraigsList, Ebay, Goodwill, etc.) and you will have a clearer picture of your current wardrobe needs so you future shopping trips will be more focused and productive.

Transform your clothing with the ideas & instructions in the books below!


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