Last of the Lipstick

Cosmetics can be expensive, especially when you start tossing them out when you don’t like them or when you can’t get the last drop out of the packaging. I’ve come up with some ways to get the last drop out of a cosmetic package or to use up a cosmetic that I’m not crazy about but can’t return.

Use a lipstick brush to get the lipstick once you’re no longer able to apply it directly from the tube.

If you don’t like the shade of lipstick use a lipstick brush to mix it with other shades of lipstick. You can either continue applying your new shade this way or scoop both lipsticks out into a small microwavable dish and heat for no more than 10 seconds. Check to see if they are soft enough to easily mix. If not, then heat for 10 more seconds. Scoop your fabulous new lipstick into a small sealable pot. You should have several of these containers of various sized if you save your cosmetic containers. I wash mine out and place them in a little basket so I have them ready to use when I need them.

If I stayed out of the sun or laid off on the self-tanner buying foundation would be a lot easier. But as it is I’m continually having to change the color of my foundation to match my skin tone. Instead of buying several different shades I buy two shades. One a bit lighter than my skin tone and the other a bit darker. Then I simply mix the shade I need and I’m set to go.

If you have some foundation that is no longer the right shade for you, you can use a shade that’s too dark as a bronzer to shadow the sides of your  nose, under your cheekbones or jawline and use a too light shade as a highlighter.

This one is weird but it works. When I have an eye shadow that I no longer want to use I crumble it into a can of paint to tint it the color I need. I’ve used this technique to paint a Monet style mural in my bathroom!

You can also mix eye shadows together to create new colors or add silver or gold tones to spark up a color.

And if you’re in the market for new cosmetics check out the beauties below from Amazon.


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