Junk Mail Envelopes

Instead of getting annoyed at all that junk mail – put it to use:

  1. Take those envelopes enclosed in junk mail, place a label over the pre-printed address, write in a new address, and send it on its way. This only works if it doesn’t have a printed bar code. If it has that little bar code, no matter where you address it to, it will end up back at the company who originally sent it out as junk mail.
  2. I’ve found a use for junk mail envelopes that gives me a kick every time I do it. I stuff an advertisement for one of my books in the envelope and send it back to the company. Free advertising for me with very little effort!
  3. Use the back to write notes, shopping lists, to do lists …
  4. Use to store receipts,  carry coupons, save seeds …
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I started this blog to share with you all the results of years of turning trash into treasures. Hopefully I'll spark some new creative thoughts and if that happens I hope that you'll share your discoveries and together we’ll build a blog that will singlehandedly reduce global warming and save the world! Okay, maybe that’s a grand goal but we should be able to at least downsize our own trash output.

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