New Uses for Curtain Rings

Napkin Rings

Curtain rings with clips attached to them can be used as combo napkin rings and place cards. Clip your guests’ names to the clips, slip napkins through the rings and now your guests will know where to sit.


Stitch a curtain ring to a corner of your potholder and you now have a pretty way to hang your potholder.

Shop Storage

See? Even something for the guys -storing nuts & washers

Shower Curtain Rings Keep Things Organized

Because shower curtain rings have a way to open them they can be used to:

shower curtain rings for elastic hair band storage

keep your hairbands together

bracelet jewelry organizer made of shower curtain rings

organize jewelry

See? Even something for the guys -storing nuts & washers

organize nuts, washers and other tools

Shower curtain rings for necklace holder.

another way to organize jewelry


Shower curtain rings . . .

keep handbags free from creases


You can also use them to:

  • attach keys to your belt loops
  • attach a plastic or metal mug or thermos to your backpack
  • keep camping utensils together
  • organize items in a drawer
  • keep your loyalty cards together and ready to scan

Curtain Ring Idea Board or Picture Gallery

curtain rings

Nursing Shield

Go to I Am Mama Hear Me Roar for her tutorial on how to turn curtain rings into a nursing shield. Brilliant!

Curtain Ring Pendant

Cathe over at Just Something I Made came up with this beautiful pendant made from a vintage button and vintage curtain ring. I love this but I could also see just stringing the curtain ring on a chain and leaving it at that.

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