Drab Guess T-Shirt Brought To Life

Yes, I bought another olive green t-shirt. I seem to be drawn to this color, then I get it home and realize it’s kind of lifeless. Thank goodness I have lots of colorful t-shirts I can cut up to refashion into a garden party on the drab newcomers to my closet.

An almost exact replica of my before top.

Please don’t hate me – I forgot to take a before pic, but I did pay my penance by spending hours searching the Internet just to bring you all a before pic.

Awhile back I refashioned this top:


after - sorry for the blurry pic

Problem is I still don’t like the top. I wore it a couple of times just to justify the time I spent refashioning it and then it took a long vacation in the back of my closet. When I acquired this drab Guess t-shirt though I brought out my old refashion and started cutting out all the flowers and leaves on it. One movie marathon later and I had a huge pile of leaves and flowers, some of which I used for this project and some which I’ll use for a future project.

piles of flowers

I tried to use my sewing machine to stitch down all my flowers but I ended up with a gnarly mess, so hand stitching it is. One more movie marathon later and this is what I ended up with:


flowers creeping over my shoulder

I’m happy with my new t-shirt and don’t mind at all that I had to cannibalize another t-shirt to get it.


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