Cassette Tape Bracelet

This is an ingenious way to upcycle a cassette tape. I was going to say “old cassette tape” but really, that’s redundant, isn’t it?

The instructions are lost in the ethernet of Google but the basic idea shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Here’s how I would do it. Pull the tape out of 2 cassettes, but don’t discard it. I’ll post some tutorials on how to upcycle the tape from the cassette.

Boil some water and with a pair of tongs dip one of the cassettes into the water until it is soft enough to be manipulated. Wearing a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the heat, carefully bend the cassette around a soup can, or a can of beans, whatever you have on hand. You may have to hold the cassette around the can until it cools enough to hold its new shape. Repeat with the second cassette. Now you have your two bracelet pieces. Now how to attach the two pieces together on one side and the zipper on the other side? It doesn’t look as if this is how the bracelet in the picture was made but I think making a fabric cuff with a zipper that would fit inside the cassette cuff and then glue the cassette to the fabric should do the trick. Or you could use elastic instead of fabric to line the bracelet and skip the zipper altogether, although I think the zipper adds a nice touch.

The pic shows a black cassette which looks very biker chic, but if you used a white cassette it could have a retro-60’s feel or skip the 60’s reference altogether and just call it contemporary.




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