Save a Pot of Weak Coffee

Every once in awhile I brew a pot of coffee that turns out too weak. I don’t like to just toss it down the sink so I’ve found a couple of ways to use the coffee that work for me.

I have a can of an instant cappuccino drink that I bought on sale and don’t really like by itself, but a spoonful in a cup of weak coffee transforms both into a delicious drink!

Make a coffee float with a little ice-cream and your weak coffee.

Make a blended drink with one or more of the following:

  • banana
  • ice-cream
  • peanut butter
  • milk, cream or half and half

Use in place of water when baking a chocolate dessert.

Use the coffee in place of water when making gravy. The end result is a subtle smokiness that doesn’t taste like coffee at all.

check out one of these books for great recipes using coffee


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