More Coffee With Less Beans

I’ve found an easy way to save $$$’s when making coffee. After making a pot of coffee, leave the filter with the grounds in the machine. When you’re ready to make your next pot, add half as much grounds as you normally would on top of the previously brewed grounds. For your third pot, add about a quarter the normal amount of grounds to the filter. Besides saving money on coffee, you’ll save on coffee filters and the time and energy it takes to dump and wash out the filter several times.

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I started this blog to share with you all the results of years of turning trash into treasures. Hopefully I'll spark some new creative thoughts and if that happens I hope that you'll share your discoveries and together we’ll build a blog that will singlehandedly reduce global warming and save the world! Okay, maybe that’s a grand goal but we should be able to at least downsize our own trash output.

3 thoughts on “More Coffee With Less Beans

  1. That’s a great idea! It’s something I used to do and will start to again. Sometimes you just need the right reminder and nudge. And maybe, with the money saved, I’ll go back to using shade grown coffee which is better on the environment but tends to cost more.

  2. Now that’s the way to think! Use the savings from one practice to fuel another planet saving move.

  3. If you grind your beans or even just dump your ground coffee in the blender you can grind it down to a powder. It’s called “Turkish grind”. You get a lot more coffee out of your beans this way.

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