Can It Be Fixed?

We talk a lot here at Irish Attic about creative ways to re-purpose broken items but a good first step when something breaks is to see if it’s fixable.

If you’re not handy try taking it to a local repair shop. If the price for repair doesn’t seem worthwhile to you ask if you can donate the item to the shop in exchange for a credit you can use to purchase another item. I’ve done this to purchase a refurbished stereo and a refurbished carpet cleaner, both of which lasted for many years.

If you know someone who is handy, see if they would trade service. They fix your broken items and you do whatever it is you do best, for them.

My auto mechanic often purchases cars from customers who don’t or can’t make the necessary repairs. You get an easy sale of something that could have been a pile of trouble, they get a car to repair and resell for a profit. Everybody wins!

Books on how to repair just about anything:


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