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This is a special post for all those Tweeple out there who have asked about the postcards I pass out. I own a business and as part of my on-going marketing efforts I pass out postcards in targeted neighborhoods. I like to do it myself as it’s good incentive for me to get my cardio in every morning but there are companies out there that will pay you to pass out their promotional materials.

How do you find these companies? Start with the flyer/postcard/business cards on your own door. Give each business a call and ask if they are hiring people to pass out their promotional materials. Fees range from five to seven cents per piece and you’ll need to pick them up from the business and deliver to a specifically mapped out area.

Even if the business doesn’t ask you to verify where you delivered I would do it anyway as it will help to eliminate any suspicions about whether or not you did the work you’re being paid to do. Call the business as soon as you are finished delivering each day and let them know what streets you covered and approximately how many pieces you put out. That way they can drive the area if they wish to check your work.

If you can get more than one business to pay you to deliver to the same area then you’ll double, triple or quadruple your pay, although it will take longer to place them at each home and you should let each business know that you’ll be delivering others promo pieces at the same time. If they object you might remind them that there are generally several promo pieces delivered to each door anyway, at least if you are the one doing it they will all be in one spot, easy for the homeowner to pick up and bring inside, rather than scattered all over the place.

NEVER put the promotional piece on the garage door and DO NOT put them on or in a mailbox or mailbox post as this is illegal and you will be fined. To get maximum exposure for the businesses who are paying you, place their piece inside any newspaper that’s in the driveway, or on the driver side of any car in the driveway and if neither of these is available, on the front door or gate.

I like to wear an over the shoulder small messenger type bag to carry my postcards. Makes the job easier and I can carry my cell phone & bottled water with me this way also.

Good luck to you all!


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