Ways to Use Your 2D & 3D Bottle Cap Art

Now that you’ve created your beautiful Bottle Cap Art you may want to use it to decorate your home or create jewelry.

Dangle Jewelry


  • chain with medium-size links (6 inches long for bracelets, 12 to 15 inches for a choker, 36 inches for a long necklace, measure your waist or hips for a belt)
  • drill (to make 1-millimeter hole)
  • jump rings
  • needle-nose pliers
  • jewelry clasp

Place the chain around your wrist, waist or throat, to find best fit. Remove links if needed so that your chain is the right size.

Lay chain flat and place bottle caps below it to decide how many to use and how you want to space them out.
Drill a hole into the edge of each bottle cap. Use jewelry pliers and jump rings to attach them where you want them on the chain. Attach clasp.

Optional: add charms between bottle caps, using above method to attach jump rings to chain.



You can use hot glue but somewhere down the line the BOTTLE CAP ART will come off. It might be next month, it might be next year, but it will definitely come off. Epoxy or E6000 Industrial Strength Craft Adhesive will give you a better bond. Let the glue bond overnight before using your jewelry.


Attach bottle caps with printed side out or BOTTLE CAP ART with printed side down with epoxy along the vertical and/or horizontal edges and/or other areas on your table, bench or chair.


Glue a button magnet or a business give-away magnet cut to fit the back of your BOTTLE CAP ART.

Memory Book Pages

2D BOTTLE CAP ART makes wonderful embellishments on scrapbook pages.


Using tile mortar to attach bottle caps with the printed side up or BOTTLE CAP ART with the printed side down to the item you wish to decorate. You can use grout if you wish.

Picture Frame

Glue BOTTLE CAP ART to an old picture frame to spice it up or redecorate to match a new room.

Amazon has some great books on how to create & use Bottle Cap Art:


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