Beer Bottle Plant Waterer

The other day I almost picked up a set of beautiful glass ball potted plant watering aides. They consist of a glass ball with a long tube that you are supposed to fill with water and stick into the soil so that the plant is kept moist for a few days at a time. Besides the convenience of not having to water my plants as often or worry about them when on short trips, I thought that they were beautiful. As always though, I took a step back and thought about what I had at home that might serve the same purpose.

I experimented a bit and found that in my larger pots, a beer bottle tilted on an angle worked great. I’m sure that any other similar size glass bottle with a long neck would work just as well. I had a couple teacups that had a crack across the bottom that worked well also. I haven’t found anything yet for my smaller pots but if any of you come up with something please leave a comment. I did buy one set of glass balls but I’m holding off on buying more in hopes that I’ll find a re-use for an old thing that will work.

Note: I try to hide my homemade plant watering aides in the foliage so that it doesn’t look like I’ve dumped my trash into my garden.

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