Scarf Doodling

I’ve been playing around with my scarf collection lately, transforming ones that I haven’t worn in awhile into new tops, ponchos, collars, belts … and I thought you all might be inspired by my latest scarf doodling.

shawl style collar

It’s a start but something needs to be done with the part hanging down in front.


crossed over to create a capelet style collar


gathered with two pins to create sleevelets and a weird thing hanging down in front

My friend G liked this one. It’s not my fave though. I think the front thingy looks like a pilgrim bib. A silk pilgrim bib, but still a bib. ┬áSo I experimented with different ways of handling that square panel hanging down in front.


crossed over and pinned to the shoulder area


pinned up the pointey thingeys to create a more rounded collar


used safety pins to ruffle the scarf along a line just north of the lengthwise half way point, then folded the ruffle over the pins to create a two layer ruffle


ruffle over just one shoulder



simple ruffle

I like this one the best I think. The idea is that this could be used to update a cardigan, either by placing it along one edge or if I had a long enough scarf do it all the way around the back of the neck and down the other side.

In the end, this scarf went back into my refashion pile, but it will sleep well knowing it performed a service to all us budding refashionistas and dream that someday it might leave the stash and become part of a fashionable ensemble once again.