Green Halloween

Green Halloween

To learn more about enjoying a green Halloween check out Planet Green’s Halloween page.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Caution: some of these costumes are more for adults than children – so bewar-r-r-re.

Plastic laundry basket or other large plastic bin with holes cut out for legs + white balloons + a shower cap or curlers in hair = Bathing Beauty
White dress + pipe-cleaner halo = Angel
White dress + pipe-cleaner halo + dirt on face (use brown eye shadow) = Fallen Angel
Green clown or afro-style wig + a schoolgirl outfit = Broccoli Spears
Trench coat + fedora + sign around neck reading “Blessing” = A Blessing in Disguise
Clear umbrella + party streamers or wide ribbons = Jellyfish
Black clothes + yellow electrical tape down chest + toy cars + Velcro = Highway
Bathrobe + dolls pinned to robe + bare feet = Barefoot and Pregnant
Blue T-shirt  + cotton balls taped or glued to shirt + water gun = Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain
Blue T-shirt  + cotton balls taped or glued to shirt + meatball-sized balls of aluminum foil spray-painted brown & taped or glued to shirt = Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain + Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs = couples costume

Green Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Lights: Use a black marker to draw a jack-o-lantern type face on an empty plastic milk jug. Leave the cap as is or make a stem by painting it brown and gluing on a short branch the same diameter as the cap. Cut a hole in the back of the jug and insert a battery operated light. This works with both half gallon and gallon-sized jugs.

Rock Solid Jack-O-Lanterns: Paint small to medium size rocks orange. Use a marker or paint to draw a jack-o-lantern face. Glue on a short stick for a stem. After Halloween, just turn the face to the back and you have Thanksgiving pumpkins.

New Uses for Halloween Items

Is your house haunted by leftover Halloween items? Here are four easy ways to re-use leftover candy and pumpkins.

Jack-o’-Lantern Soup

While your Jack-o’-lantern is still fresh, peel and cut it into cubes to create the base for a savory soup

Family-Friendly Desserts

Melt chocolate bars for chocolate-covered strawberries or use peppermint patties or Snickers for brownies (place the candy in between two layers of the mix before baking).

Stock up on Baking Supplies

Chop leftover chocolate candy or candy corn and use in place of chocolate chips for cookie recipes.

Construct a Seasonal Centerpiece

Cut off the top of a pumpkin and hollow out the seeds. Arrange fresh flowers, such as daisies or mums, in a water-filled jar and place inside, or use dried leaves and twigs.

Candy Corn Decorations

Thanksgiving Garland: candy corn strung together using a needle threaded with fishing line.
Thanksgiving Wreath: candy corn glued to a styrofoam wreath form.
Thanksgiving Balls: candy corn glued to a styrofoam balls of various sizes. Leave the bottom half unadorned and place the balls inside plant pots and urns so that the candy corn portion rests on top of the pot. This sounds tacky but trust me, it’s beautiful.

Pick Up Inexpensive Halloween Treats for Your Trick-or-Treaters