Egg Carton Flowers

I love this project. It’s simple, seasonal, easy for kids to do and uses lots of recyclable items.

Gather an egg carton; fabric, ribbon and/or lace scraps; tissue paper, pipe cleaners or straws.

Cut out each individual egg cup in a zig-zag or free form wavy pattern. These will be the outside of each flower. Paint inside and outside of each cup any color that you like. You can choose a color that matches your flower or make them green to represent leaves.

Poke small hole at bottom of each egg cup. Insert pipe cleaner “stem” through hole and twist a small loop to hold it inside the cup.

Roll up fabric strips, ribbon and/or lace scraps so that they fit inside of each egg cup. Attach to inside of egg cups with hot glue gun. If children are doing this portion of the project use a cool-temp hot glue gun.

Arrange flowers inside a plastic bottle. Wrap with tissue paper. Tie paper at neck of bottle with fabric strip, ribbon or lace.

Flower Arranging For Grownups