Bubble Wrap & The Odd Window

Most of our IA readers know not to throw out bubble wrap. You all faithfully stash it and use it to package items you are shipping or moving, but how about thinking outside of the box (pun intended) and using your bubble wrap to:

Insulate Windows – spray windows with water and press bubble wrap directly onto the glass. The water will hold the bubble wrap tight against the glass for weeks and is easily removed when the weather turns warm.

Plant Protection – use bubble wrap to loosely tent over plants to protect from light frost.

Protect Your China – cut into squares and use in between plates and bowls when stacking in your cupboards. You can also use this technique to protect pots and pans stored inside each other.

Stadium Seating – tape a square or two to the bottom of your stadium cushion for an extra layer of warmth and cushioning.

Decorative Paint Treatment – use a brush to dab or brush on one or more colors directly onto a 5 inches to 12 inch square of bubble wrap. Press the painted side of the bubble wrap onto the surface you want to paint. Lift the bubble wrap away from the wall a bit and turn and press again. Continue turning and pressing until you get the effect you want. This is similar to sponge painting but has more depth and can be used to create effects such as suede or marble.

Shower Curtain – tape sheets of bubble wrap together with clear shipping tape or colored duct tape for a fun shower curtain.

Have Fun & Destress – go ahead, pop it! You know you want to.



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