7 Easy Ways to Stay Green

More and more people each year are starting to embrace the idea of going green. Many people think of it as an expensive habit, but it does not have to be if you go about it in the right ways. There are so many different ways to go green within your home, but you can also go green in the work place.

Since you spend about 8 hours of your day at work, why not think about ways to go green at your office.

Continue to read on to learn 7 unique ways that you can go green in your workplace.

Put Recycling Bins in your work area

There are more things than what you think that can be recycled nowadays. If you work in a large office and you are constantly dealing with paper work and other matters on a daily basis you should think about putting a recycling bin in your work office, and even in your office kitchen (if you have one).

Digital Business Cards

Try to do anything that you possibly can to avoid using paper so often. Our world is changing slowly but surely to doing everything digital. How about using digital business cards which can be transferred to others through an SMS or an email? Many people use their phones nowadays for business purposes so digital business cards will come in handy and in the future they will most likely be used more than paper.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Video conference rooms are less time consuming and they are much more cost effective compared to actually meeting up in at an actual conference room. Reasons for this would be that you would not have to worry about using gas to drive to the location. You would not have to worry about paying for materials that you need for the representation; you might still need some materials but not as many when performing a demonstration online.

Monitoring Carbon Footprint

If for some reason you end up having to travel to meetings for work, you can minimize your CO2 by using RouteRank; this is a green travel planning website. You can also use devices that are not very expensive such as Belkin’s Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor. It will help you to learn about how much energy a certain device has and what the best way is to use it without wasting resources.

Don’t Use Paper Invoices

If you have a paper billing system then maybe you should consider changing it over to an e-billing method. For one thing it is easier and more convenient to use the e-billing method as opposed to the paper billing which can cause you to stress. Waste less paper and use e-billing.

Reduce Emissions throughout your Office

Use the PowerMeter software and TED 5000 device to help people around your business become aware of what they need to do to reduce emission uses around the office.

Use Electronic Marking Materials

For many years several companies always printed out the materials that they needed for co-workers. Why waste paper when you can send materials out to employees electronically? All promotional items can be shifted to PDF files and even sent in video formats.

There are numerous ways to live more green, but the 7 mentioned above will give you a great start.

Do you have any tips that you can share about how you live green? Take a few minutes and share them with us.


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