What Do You Do with a Potato Chip Tube?

Quite a bit apparently.

Wrap it and use it as a gift container for cookies.

Homemade soap using a Pringles can as a mold.

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Kid looking through can

pinhole camera

They’re also great for …

Bank:  Cut a thin rectangle out of the lid using an Exacto knife. Decorate can to taste.

Safe Bank: Glue a few chips to the inside lid of the can. Keep it in your pantry as a safe place to store valuables. Few burglers will even bother to glance twice at the can, but if they do they’ll see the potato chips through the lid and hopefully won’t bother to open the can. As further insurance instead of gluing chips to the lid you can put your valuables inside, then stack chips on top of them. It will be harder for you to retrieve your goodies when you want them but they will be safer from prying hands.

Flower Vase: Set a jar or plastic tumbler into a decorated potato chip can.

Kitchen Utensil Holder: Prepare plaster of paris according to package directions. Pour 1″ to 2″ into utensil holder to make it more stable. Allow to dry before adding kitchen utensils!

Safe Mailer: Use an empty Pringles container with its original lid to mail cookies, other baked goods and breakable items. Just fill with goodies, securely tape the lid in place, wrap in plain paper, address and mail. Don’t forget to label your package “Fragile”, although I actually label all my packages “Breakable” and “Glass” to insure they are treated gently.

School/Class Materials Carrier: Carry your pencils, artist brushes or other class materials.

Decorate any of the above using:
• wallpaper sample or leftovers
• decoupage pictures
• decorative napkins
• aluminum flashing
• mosaic tiles
• paper mache
• gift wrap
• construction paper
• book cover
• decorative contact paper
• paint

They’re also great for storing knitting needles and paintbrushes, small craft projects, an easy way to take food on a picnic or to the beach, a small poster tube, store documents without creasing … What will you do with your next Pringles can?

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