Green Silk Babydoll Top Gets a Grown Up Makeover

This was a too-cutesy babydoll top with ribbons that tied in the back. I’ve had it in my closet for years but was long past ever wearing it again. Because it was made of silk AND I loved the fabric I kept in my closet “just in case”. Just in case I turned twelve again!

The refashion was so simple. I removed the ties and set them aside for another refashion project. They’ll make great straps for a summer top or ties for a wrap skirt. Note, I ended up tying a knot in one of the ties and using it as an emergency hairband.

Then I cut the top horizontally across the middle of the top two inches below my bustline. Because the fabric is so lightweight it needed something to keep it from riding up every time I moved. I used a zig-zag machine stitch to attach some beaded fringe all around the bottom of the top. This also allowed me to avoid hemming the silk which is a bit beyond my skills. Silk is slippery!

I used a zig-zag stitch on the raw edge of the bottom portion of the top, which is basically a tube. Then I hand stitched five inches along the same edge using black elastic thread, pulling the thread to create a gather. I did the same on the opposite side of the tube. This gather allows me to wear this as a shawl and also around my waist. And when I want to wear it as a scarf the gathered portions don’t interfere with the drape.

I love that I ended up with a three-fer refashion.

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