Outdated Sunglass Cases

Since I’ve upgraded my sunglasses and they’re now all over-sized I’ve found that none of my sunglasses cases work with my new lenses. So I set out looking for some other ways I could put my old sunglasses cases to use.

Gym and Beach Jewelry Holder

Stash sunglasses cases in your gym and beach bags and you’ll have a safe place to stash your jewelry when you take it off to work out or hit the waves.

Can you believe there's a sunglasses case under this glitter?

Small Clutch

Grace over at Stripes and Sequins came up with an amazing idea for turning a sunglasses case into a small clutch purse.  Check out her step-by-step tutorial – I promise, it’s a lot easier than it looks. I love her choice of rose gold glitter for this project.


Small Craft Project Case

A sunglasses case is perfect for a small craft project such as friendship bracelets or beadwork.


Restaurant Entertainment

Stash some crayons and/or markers in a sunglass case and you’ll be prepared the next time you’re little one gets antsy at a restaurant. You can always ask the waitress for a piece of paper if you don’t have any with you.


That’s all I’ve got, but if you all think of any other ways to use old sunglasses cases please post in the Comments below.


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