Soda Can Jewelry

You only get 10 cents for turning in a soda can at the recycling center – why not turn your soda cans into jewelry instead? Here are some ideas I found out on the Internet, collected from some of my favorite bloggers.

Re-Imagined Waste


Rolled Beads

Upcycling: Re-imagining Our Waste has a fantastic tutorial on making very wearable Soda Can Jewelry.





Pop Tab Purse

Check out this HubPage on how to make a Pop Tab Purse! Wow! Seriously, wow!


Pop Tab Bracelet

Instructables has the Pop Tab Bracelet tutorial.

Pop Tab Bracelets


Soda Can “Tiles” Bracelet

made by Twelve Crafts Till Christmas

This tutorial tells you how to make these tiles, however I would use elastic in place of the fabric so that I wouldn’t have to bother with the button. Plus, I think it would look better without the button. Note to bleeding finger: the Modge Podge is a step you don’t want to skip. It coats the sharp edges of the soda can so that your jewelry is safe to wear.


Soda Can Earrings

made by Shona at The Artistic Life

Shona’s earring tutorial.

That’s it for now. Check back later as I’m sure I’ll add more tutes to this page as I come across them or as I develop them myself.

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