3 Places Other Than Ebay to Find Cheap Used Furniture

There are so many ways to “live green” and using items that are already in existence, whether aquired from your grandmother or purchased from someone else’s grandmother is totally in line with the “Irish Attic” philosophy. Thank you to today’s Guest Author for giving us some tips for how to aquire vintage pieces, whether antique or not, if they find a new life in your home, they will be treasured.

An almost limitless resource of used furniture exists just waiting to transform your home into a dream interior at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Of course antiques and collectables make this choice of furnishing expensive so how do you find the sort of furniture that you can afford?

Fortunately because of the proliferation of old furniture, there are plenty of sources to check out and not just online either. You might even find an antique for a bargain at the same time.

Auction houses

Auctions can be a great place to find bargains. It’s important to attend the viewing day which is usually a couple of days before the auction. Make sure that you decide in advance what you are going to spend on your desired piece and STICK to it! Find out where your local auction house is by looking in the local press, the phone book or searching online. make sure you can collect your purchase within the allotted time. You will need a truck especially if you’ve splashed out on a complete set of bedroom furniture!

House Clearance

Auctioneers also run house clearance sales. Again look online for these companies and join the mailing list. You will be bidding against professionals who are looking for bargains but don’t be put off by this, you may be willing to pay more than they are as you are not looking for a profit.

Garage Sales and Garbage Skips

The easiest place to find cheap and free used furniture. Don’t be afraid to barter. Ultimately, garage sales are designed to get rid of unwanted stuff. They’ll be grateful that you are taking it away for them! Make sure you get the owner’s permission to look through their skip if you decide to try this idea.

Although Ebay is a great place to find all sorts of used furniture and unwanted items but it’s actually quite a lot of fun acquiring your heirlooms of the future offline. Each piece will have a unique story of its own to tell.

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