Home Redecorating – Un-Decorating Your Home

I’m approaching home redecorating from a different angle this time around. Instead of buying new stuff and giving away or selling my old stuff, I’m redecorating by un-decorating. I had always thought that by not throwing my old stuff in the landfill that I was being eco-responsible, until I realized that I could go one step further by making more of an effort to not buy new stuff at all.

I started my home redecorating project by removing everything from each room I was redecorating and then only putting back things that I truly wanted in that room. Besides how it contributed visually to the room I considered the fact that anything I put in the room would have to be cleaned or dusted.

Then I lived with each room for a few days to a few weeks, taking away even more things as I found they didn’t add to the room’s visual appeal or usefullness or putting a piece or two back into the room if needed.

Some of the things that I removed from one room I ended up using in other rooms. Other items I sold or gave away.

The next step in my redecorating project was to re-purpose items:

  • quilts became wall hangings
  • tablecloths and scarves became window valances
  • branches from outdoors were arranged in vases
  • I traded bed and sofa pillows
  • an outdoor plant pot became an indoor umbrella stand
  • dining room chairs became a new patio set after the cushions received a triple-coating of Scotchguard and the chairs were treated with marine-grade polyurethane
  • patio chairs received new cushions and became my new dining room chairs
  • a floor runner became a table runner

By the time I was finished my home redecorating project I’d spent less time than I normally would have (since shopping for new things takes a tremendous amount of time), saved loads of money and didn’t add a thing to the landfill!

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I started this blog to share with you all the results of years of turning trash into treasures. Hopefully I'll spark some new creative thoughts and if that happens I hope that you'll share your discoveries and together we’ll build a blog that will singlehandedly reduce global warming and save the world! Okay, maybe that’s a grand goal but we should be able to at least downsize our own trash output.

2 thoughts on “Home Redecorating – Un-Decorating Your Home

  1. This is really great stuff and apart from some things which I’d do slightly differently eg, making use of freegle, freecycle, swaps etc goes along with my own minimalist thinking. And all that space cant wait to see the end result.

  2. I agree with your use of freecycle type services. That is a great way to recycle. No need to remake something, just put it out there for someone who wants exactly that.

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